Design Project

I want All these Steps to be Covered word limit should be 5000 or above FIND the ATTACHMENT and Follow the Guidlines

TOPIC NAME : T-roll out
Since the beginning of the human mind and looking for what makes his life go easily, whether inside or outside his home. One of the important things is the table. Almost everywhere there most be a table. In house, office, workshop even outside wherever there are people. Today people are looking for a multi- use table with better features. So we decided to make a table with more advantages and we called it “T-roll out”.
This advancement venture is a portable table; it can be utilized wherever with a normal surface by simply open it whiten a back formed project. The T-roll out can be utilized as a part of multi undertaking substitution it made out of wood and metal joint which influence it to light and simple to convey and can be fitted in the storage compartment of any automotive car. The purpose of this project is to specify the general population and making them comfortable when they are heading off to family journey or even can be utilized as an additional table when are having a family barbecue.
The temporal period:
After our study of the project and expected time period for the project design and after distribution of work and work steps we will need at minimum 55 days.
The cost:
We calculated the cost of materials used in the project manufacturing and the total cost of the project will be from 15 to 20 OR approximately.
We expect the project to become popular in customer environment as Oman is a tourist country and there is a lot of internal tourism in the country. The project serves two categories of society lover’s trips and lovers of family gatherings. The project is a tool that facilitates the process of organizing the preparation of food, entertainment games and hold external meetings. Also, we expect its success because it is easy to carry, water prove table, lightweight. Easy to store and doesn’t need much storage space.
Action steps:
• Draw a diagram and outline of project design and arithmetical equation.
• Combine the component, requirements and tools required for the project.
• Distribute the work equally the the project members.
• Collection of parts after the completion of each member of work entrusted to him.
• Ensure all measurement is properly fitted.
• Coasting with waterproof coasting.
• Test and test and test the project

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