Design of domestic water tank, engineering homework help


Water tanks mostly will have high temperatures especially in Gulf during high peak summer and very low temperature during high peak winter. This will affect the tank life and its structural design which requires timely maintenance which is expensive and time consuming. So it is required to reduce the maintenance and increase the life span of the water tank. In this project I will conduct various analysis studies in order to overcome the design changes.


The main objectives of this project are:

  • Study different overhead water tank design against municipality laid down standards for Oman.
  • Collect thermal controlled parameters data and design existing overhead water tank on ANSYS CFD.
  • Based on existing design, develop and analyze different solid models of overhead tank to confirm the performance against thermal loads.
  • Based on CFD analysis recommends the optimum design of overhead water tank development with complete feasibility.



The acknowledgement by the candidate for successfully carrying out the project work


It is the condensed version of the project, which contains aim, methods used, important results obtained and major conclusions in a paragraph form. The write up should be self-contained and list of references need not be there. The abstract should occupy maximum one page. The bottom line should contain key words.

Table of Contents

The content shall follow the abstract and indicate the page numbers of the chapters, sections, sub-sections, appendixes and references. The number and titles of all the items must be clearly entered with page numbers against them.

List of Tables

As per the specified format (Obtain from Blackboard)

List of Figures

As per the specified format (Obtain from Blackboard)

List of Symbols and Abbreviations

Nomenclature will follow the contents. Its purpose will be to define all the symbols, abbreviations, Greek or Latin letters, superscripts etc.

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

Introduce the project problem; define the scope, aim and objectives of the investigations; Chapter summary.

CHAPTER 2 Literature Review

Describe the literature/Theory relevant to a fields or topic of the project; Chapter Summary.

CHAPTER 3, 4, 5.. Experimental Setup and Methodology

Deals with the experimental investigation carried out and methodology used. This chapter should be detailed to give deep insights into the experimentation associated with the project and must be the bulk of the report; Chapter Summary.

CHAPTER 6 Results and Discussions

Discuss, analyse, and interpret the results obtained; Chapter summary

CHAPTER 7 Conclusions

Present the conclusions based on the results

CHAPTER 8 Recommendations/Future Work

Give suggestions for future work based on conclusions

Reference CCE Harvard

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