Cuymaca iNaturalist Plant Species & Animal Species Observations Questions

Go to the iNaturalist website. Directions will vary if you use the iNat app or cell phone; it is best to use a desk-top computer for this exercise.

At the top of the page, click on “Community”, then in the drop-down menu, choose: ‘Projects’.

Type in: “SD River Total Species” project.… the answers to these questions on your Food Web:

•What is the number one animal species observations in this watershed? •What is the number one plant species observation in this watershed?

Near the top of the project page you should see ‘FILLER TEXTas primary producers. The other 10 species can be from any of the consumers in the San Diego River Watershed. You should have a total of 20 species in your food web.

Please make sure to include your hand-drawn images of all organisms. Please make sure to include labels for each species, just like in the example above.

On the San Diego River Watershed map, what are four cities that are found within this watershed?



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