• Use Purnell’s 12 Domains of Culture to review your own cultural identity(Ashantis-Ghana). Select 7 of the 12 domains to address in your own cultural heritage investigation (when the final paper is submitted, you will have a total of 8 domains, having submitted domain 1 in week 02).Please exclude domain one-heritage.
  • Select pertinent questions in each of the seven domains chosen (you do not have to answer all the questions in each domain).
  • In each of the seven cultural domains you choose, describe the similarities and differences you find in your current beliefs, values, and lifestyle and those typical of the broad category of the cultural group you identify with.
  • Provided brief self-assessment statements regarding the questions chosen in each domain.2 PAGES.

Example: If you found that your cultural heritage has to do with a Puerto Rican heritage, you will discuss your beliefs, values, and customs in each of the seven domains you chose by answering the questions that are pertinent to you in each domain. Additionally, you will look up in Purnell’s book or on a credible web site/s regarding that particular cultural heritage and compare/contrast your self-assessment findings with that particular culture.

For example, in Communication, your investigation of the general Puerto Rican heritage, people may talk fast, use a lot of hand gestures, speak primarily a Spanish dialect of language, and can be very loud and boisterous when talking with others in the family or with friends. How do you feel your communication techniques compare to this typical way of communicating in your cultural heritage? Are you more Americanized… being more subdued in how you communicate with others? What is your primary language…English or Spanish or are you bilingual equally in your household?

In Death Rituals, do you personally cry loudly and display loud verbal expressions of grief with your family members? Or do you internalize your grief and prefer to be quiet in your mourning practices? Do you believe in cremation or burial in a casket, primarily? Typically in this culture, they do display loud verbalizations of grief and do not primarily believe in cremation.

***Remember to in-text cite your references when you use them and add them to your reference page in APA format. Typically, Purnell’s book will be in-text cited each section, as you are addressing his particular cultural domains.

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