Cultural Competence and Spirituality, health and medicine homework help

Spirituality can be another aspect of culture that leads to significant differences in feelings about health care and treatment. In fact, one of the organizations whose resources have been cited in this course, the Joint Commission, actually developed an assessment tool specifically designed to address spirituality. Refer to the Joint Commission’s Spiritual Assessment in the Resources as additional background for this discussion.

In less than one page, discuss spirituality and its interrelatedness with health and wholeness. Address the following:

  • As a manager of a health care organization, examine and describe two important aspects of spirituality. Support each aspect with a specific example.
  • Describe your perspective and approach to developing a spiritually grounded and culturally responsive education program.
  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “There is a connection between spirituality and CAM.” Explain your reasoning.

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