CTU Online Science Sustainability Organic Foods Paper

Task Description:
Sustainability in agriculture is a combination of producing adequate amounts of food for a growing population and reducing food waste. In this discussion, we will work as a class to understand more about sustainable agriculture, and the role of science and innovation in the pursuit of this goal. Here is what you need to do.

For your main post (due by Friday)

  1. Select one of the three Topic Options below, and view the associated video.
  2. In a detailed paragraph, explain why you chose the topic you selected, and what you knew about this topic before doing this assignment.
  3. In a detailed paragraph, summarize what you learned about your selected topic from the video. How does this differ from your previous knowledge about the topic?
  4. In a detailed paragraph, specify if you agree with what you learned on your selected topic. Explain why or why not. If you do not agree with what you saw, share a resource that supports your perspective on the topic.

For your two replies (due by the following Tuesday)

  1. Read the posts of at least two peers: select peers that researched the terms you did not select. The point is to learn about all three terms, one from your research, and the other two from your peers’ work.
  2. Explain to your peer what you learned from their post and how their information was similar and/or different from your information. How do these two topics overlap or relate to each other?
  3. Let your peer know if their presentation helped you understand their term, or how they can improve their post to provide you specific information you need to understand the topic without watching the video.

Grading Criteria Table: Use this table as a checklist while you work on this assignment.

NAME, here is your detailed grade feedback.

Unit 2 Discussion Project Grading Criteria

Max Points

Explains why the student chose their topic, and what they knew about the topic before doing this assignment.


Summarizes what was learned about the selected topic, and how this information was different from student’s previous knowledge about the topic.


Explains whether the student agreed with the content of the selected topic, providing support using examples.


Provides 2 follow-up responses to peers who wrote on a different topic


Peer responses encourage further conversation


Information is presented in an original manner with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.




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