crypto security architecture exercise

Please read the assignment document and write the assignment by providing answers to the below tasks in APA format with 6 pages but not less than that with no plagiarism. Please use your own words and do the in-text citations accurately along with the references in the reference page

You have been specifically tasked to do the following things and develop a complete and sound crypto architecture.Remember, the president is very knowledgeable about cryptography and wants lots of details about how you are going to implement the encryption.

  1. Describe in detail what new cryptographic systems you are going to propose, how they work, and how they will enhance security.Be specific about these systems weaknesses and how you plan to compensate for the weaknesses.
  2. Describe and explain the impact the new cryptographic security architecture will have on the current security features and how this impact will be mitigated.
  3. What new issues will arise as a result of implementing the new cryptographic solutions and what are the arguments on either side of these issues?
  4. Show a clear and detailed understanding of the existing encryption being used such as passwords, and operating encryption features not being used and whether you plan to use these or not, and if not why not.
  5. How well will all these new cryptographic features work together? Identify any areas of concern, and how you propose to resolve conflicts and issues.
  6. What if any current security features can be eliminated cost effectively by the new crypto architecture?
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