Critique on Nutrition and Pregnancy, writing assignment help

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Writing: Critique on Nutrition and Pregnancy

Critique a current article or website on pregnancy and compare to good nutrition practices.

  • Evaluate the recommendations.
  • Compare the recommendations to what you have learned in this course.

Write 300 to 500 words on your findings and conclusions.

Document your sources


Writing: Case Study on Breastfeeding and Diet

Use a case study format to create nutrition recommendations for a breastfeeding mother.

  • Determine optimal dietary and nutritional supplements

Write 200-300 words outlining your findings and recommendations.

Document your sources


Writing: Infant Feeding Case Study

Design nutrition recommendations using a case study about a six-month-old infant.

Write 300-600 words describing your case study.

Document your sources


Writing: Childhood Food Safety Guidelines

Research and create your top ten food safety guidelines.

Write 300-500 words describing your findings and showing your top ten.

Document your sources and use the Assignment Rubric to see how your assignment will be graded.


Writing: Evaluate Food Ads Targeted at Children

Research magazines, newspapers, mailers, internet ads, television, billboards and any other advertising medium for food ads targeted to kids. Distinguish between ads that are promoting healthy products to those that are promoting unhealthy products. Evaluate the tactics that the food companies use to convince kids and parents to buy their products. Give your opinion about what is good and bad about what you discover.

Write 500-750 words about your research and opinions concerning food advertising and children.

Document your sources


Writing: Case Study on Teen Athlete’s Diet

Using a case study format, evaluate the nutritional quality of an adolescent athlete’s food choices and make recommendations.

Write 500-750 words describing your findings and recommendations.

Document your sources

Writing: Changes in Nutrition Needs in Teens

Research and evaluate the changes in the nutritional needs of adolescents (age thirteen to nineteen).

Write 500-750 words on the results of your investigation and conclusions.

Document your sources

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