critical response 4

Please use simple words (300-400)

  1. Read and annotate the first three articles located in the Unit 2 Resources module: “A New Journalism for Democracy in a New Age,” “Facebook Mounts Efforts to Limit Tide of Fake News,” and “How to Save the News.”
  2. For your critical response, use the “Evolution of a Claim” packet and your reading of Chapter 2 of your book to write a 250-500 word response on the topic of Fake News and the Unstable State of Journalism. You should make the four moves Chapter 2 discusses: illustrating, authorizing, borrowing, and extending. Be sure to label these four moves in your writing. You can put an “I,” “A,” “B,” and “E” to indicate which is which. Also, it’s really important that when you are paraphrasing or quoting from the articles or videos we watched, you must put a citation to avoid plagiarism. Submit a copy of this assignment in PDF or Word format to this link by the start of class on Tuesday, 3/13 and bring a hard copy to class as well.
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