Create a Training Module Customer Service Training.

Create a Training Module Customer Service Training:

Assume you have surveyed patients about each aspect of their office visit. You have analyzed the results and you notice that a majority of the patients are not satisfied that they simply receive a generic sheet of information pertaining to their condition instead of someone from the staff taking time to explain the important aspects of the patient’s condition and a customized plan for reducing risk factors.

Pick one condition – your choice – and create a training module for staff on educating patients who have that condition. The training module should contain some general information a patient needs to know about that condition and what the patient should do to minimize the effect of that condition. Then, give the staff member an idea of questions he or she can ask each patient so that the staff member can customize the patient education to meet that patient’s needs. For example, if a low-fat, high protein diet is recommended, ask the patient about their current eating habits including family members who either cook the meals or don’t have health reasons to worry about diet. Then get the patient to suggest things he or she might do that will reduce their fat intake without making it hard to eat with the rest of the family when they are eating fattening foods. You can use diet, exercise, rest, smoking cessation etc.

Once you’ve written a training session, please submit it as a Word document or a PDF and submit it through this Dropbox.

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