counseling senerio question and answer

Scenario 1

You will now work solo! You will review the “clients” answers to the Final Ten Questions your client/instructor answered in the Module 3 Discussion area. Answer the questions below:

  1. Analyze and reflect on the answers the client provided. Did any of the answers surprise you or lead to less information than you had hoped for?
  2. Reflect on how you might have re-structured any the questions that didn’t work as you had hoped. Go ahead and revise any question based on the response you received from the client/instructor. Describe how and why you are clarifying a question.
  3. For questions that did work as intended, defend why you think they work as intended?
  4. Make sure you are explaining why you chose the questions your group originally submitted and why you are rephrasing.
  5. Describe the basis for your interviewing approach in this scenario.
  6. What did you learn from the student-instructor interactive exercise of Scenario 1?

You will post your reactions and rephrased questions here. Your work will receive an individual grade. Be sure to cite any sources you reference to support your comments, opinions using the APA format.

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