Construction Surveying

This purpose of this assignment is to develop your knowledge and experience in on-line information gathering in the subject of Land Surveying. A large number of land surveying sites can be found on the Internet and significant information resources are available. For this assignment you can go to Professional Surveyor Magazine or Point of Beginning Magazine, or any other related web pages, online at:

and click on “Archives” (menu on left side of page) to view the monthly issues containing online articles.

Choose a current monthly and look for article titles that begin with the word “Feature” (i.e. a feature article). Browse the “Feature” articles and choose/read one of the articles that interests you.

From this article, print one page minimum (three pages maximum) with information you find interesting or novel. Use a highlighter to pinpoint the information you choose from that page(s) and write your comments/observations on that information. Your comments/observations should relate to some aspect of construction surveying; refer to the course syllabus for learner objectives. Place your comments/ observations (two paragraphs minimum – typed, double-spaced) on a separate page; staple the printed article pages and your comment page together to submit in class.

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