complete psychology rehab assessment discussion

Apply this week’s text to the following scenario related to this week’s case study.

What further information do you need before you can proceed with vocational or career assessment?

What difficulties do you believe you would encounter during the assessment?

CASE STUDY: Richard is a 22 year old male who has little job experience. He worked on a poultry farm for 3 years but quit because he felt that there was no future in it. He is currently unemployed but does some side work at an antique furniture company who is going out of business. Richard has not been pursuing employment and states that he does not follow his diet plan and consumes alcohol which he knows is not good for his condition. He was diagnosed three years ago and he admits that he has been hospitalized twice because he is careless with his eating choices. He has little energy and has a small social life because he feels he is too tired. This could be because of his eating habits.


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