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Question B

MAJOR: Healthcare Systems Management

This course provides an introduction to Healthcare Delivery Systems and is required for students in the AAS, Medical Coding and Billing (MCB) degree, and in the BS, Health Systems Management (HSM) degree.  Whether you know a little or a lot about the degree you’ve chosen, in this post  1) identify if you are an MCB or HSM major, then 2) explain the role(s)MCB or HSM plays in the healthcare field by giving examples  of MCB and HSM in the healthcare workplace ( role(s) you know of, have heard of –you may search the internet, also).  When you reply to your fellow students’ posts, do you agree with their posts, why or why not?  Did they list some examples you didn’t list, that might be an eventual job source for you and why?


Cite at least 1 external reference (in APA format) in your answers.

  1. List the U.S. healthcare subsystems of health insurance and identify which one(s) you and your family are currently participating in? b. What do you like and dislike about your healthcare coverage? c. If you wanted to change coverage and services, what would you change if you could and how would you change it?
  2. Most Western European countries have national health care programs that provide universal access. How does the National Health Insurance system, such as the one adopted by the country of Canada differ from the National Health system, such as the one structured in Great Britain?
  3. List the 4 health determinant categories and provide an example of how the US government is improving help in each determinant.
  4. Explain with examples how the U.S. has both market & social justice aspects of healthcare.

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