complete 3 short psychology rehab assessment discussion questions

Respond to each question with at least 100 words.

1. Reflect upon your current internship or work situation, and imagine that you will be seeking another opportunity in the vocational rehabilitation field. What transferable skills can you identify in your present situation that would be applicable for new employment opportunities? Categorize these skills into adaptive, functional, and specific content categories.

2. Although their use seems to be diminishing in the assessment process with people with disabilities, work samples have relevance both for ethnic minorities and those who have severe disabilities. Is the use of work samples practical for you? What do you perceive are the advantages of their use with the population with whom you intend to work?

3. You have the opportunity to choose one of the computer systems identified in Chapter 11. After reviewing the evaluation questions in the text, select one system that you believe would be the most appropriate for this problem. OPTION SYSTEMS: Self-Assessment Components System AND Computerized career information systems.

Power, P. W. (2013). A guide to vocational assessment (5th ed.). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

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