civil homework

answer the following questions :

1. Name the Primary Project Participants in Construction Management and Operations. (20)

2. Identify and Describe the Primary Segments in the Construction Industry (20)

3. Describe Mega Projects and give 2-3 examples of Megaprojects around the world. (20)

4. Describe the Concept of Globalization in the Construction Industry and it’s pro and cons. (20)

5. What are Ethical and Unethical Behaviours in Construction Industry? (20)

6. What are the reasons for choosing a Career in Construction Management? (20)

7. Define Contracts as it relates to Construction Management Practice and identify the salient parts of construction.(20)

8. Identify the Different Construction Management Contracts used in the Construction Industry. (20)

9. Describe Competitive Bidding, its Advantages and Disadvantages(20)

10. Describe the Complexity of Bidding and it’s impacts on the industry.(20)

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