chfd445 week 5 dq

Family Stressors: Choose a minor or major stressor that your family has experienced and one that you are comfortable talking about.

For this week’s forum:

  • Analyze how it affected members of your family that are relevant to the stressor by describing and illustrating the situation using the ABC-X Model as referenced in the text. (Bonus: Include an actual model or graphic of the ABC-X Model as it relates to your family’s situation)
  • Was this a temporary or permanent family stressor? Explain.
  • Was this a voluntary or involuntary family stressor? Explain.
  • Was this a normative or nonnormative family stressor? Explain.
  • Did the family experience Level 1, II or III stress as a result? Explain.
  • Which, if any, of coping strategies did you and/or your family use ? Explain.

Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA formatting style and intext citations

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