Chemistry Aqueous Solutions , chemistry homework help

“Perform the calculations, make sure to show your work, and your answers should be provided with the correct amount of significant figures.”

  • Determine the hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations in a solution that is 2.0 × 102 M NaOH
  • Determine the pH of a solution that is 5.0 × 104 M HNO3+
  • Determine the pH of a 3.45 × 102 M Sr(OH)2 solution.
  • The pH of a solution is determined to be 7.0. What is the hydronium ion concentration of this solution?
  • The pH of an aqueous solution is measured as 5.00 Calculate the [H3O+] and the [OH].
Answer ALL parts of each question Correctly!  This is a resubmission for an assignment the previous tutor did incorrectly and resulted in a failing grade.  This file must be done without error!

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