Chart needs to be completed along with paragraph at end


Social Competencies in Worksite Wellness


Every worksite culture is unique, with unique needs, requiring a unique wellness plan. Significant differences between the needs of distinctive workplace cultures can substantially impact wellness management decisions.

Use the Social Competencies in Worksite Wellness Table, provided in the Resources, to compare and contrast the typical  wellness needs of employees in each of the following workplace settings:

  1. A large automotive plant in Detroit.
  2. A single fast food store in Texas.
  3. Your workplace (or school) community.
  4. Write no more than a few phrases or brief sentences in each table cell. For the purposes of this particular assignment, it is not necessary to conduct exhaustive research, or to investigate any particular real-world workplace. Instead, search for general information based on the type of workplace, its size, and its general location. Keep track of your resources in order to include them in your references list. Notice any statistical trends that may emerge. Focus on discovering the distinctive needs of employees in each setting.
  5. Address the following health care competencies for employees in each of the three environments:
  6. Probable Number and Age of Employees: How many people work at the site, and how old are they, on average? Are there specific health care needs associated with this age group?
  • Probable Ethnicity of Employees: What are the  ethnicities of the employees? Are there health care needs specific to these ethnic groups? Provide typical population percentages, if possible.
  • Probable Task Health and Safety Needs: What and safety needs are presented by the job tasks performed by employees? For example, at the fast food restaurant, burn injuries may be a danger. At the motor company, injuries could occur due to repetitive motion,  poor lighting, or accidents involving machines.
  • Probable Hierarchy of Needs: Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (refer to the Unit 5 Studies, speculate on the  likeliest needs level motivating  employees in this workplace setting.
  • Individual Focus Change: Consider what individual employees could do to improve their own health and safety at the site.
  • Community Focus Change: Consider what you, as a health care manager, could do to establish a healthy worksite community.
  • Policy Focus Change: What policies would you implement?
  • Social Marketing: How would you market the policies you would propose to the employees?
  • Remember to address the wellness needs of the employees, not of the consumers who buy the products or services.

    Once you have completed the table, write one short paragraph for each of the three workplace cultures, describing a wellness plan you would  implement. Assume you are the only staff involved in implementing the plan, with an unlimited budget and the complete support of the organizational leaders. Consider each of the following:

    • The prevention needs specific to the employees’  age groups and ethnicities.
    • The potential dangers of the tasks performed in the workplace.
    • The size of the employee population at the worksite.

    Finally, write a brief paragraph comparing and contrasting the notable differences between your wellness plans for each workplace culture.

    Be sure to complete the entire assignment. Cite your resources in APA format. As with all of your assignments, examine the scoring guide (linked in the Resources) for guidance on earning optimal credit for your work.

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