Cell Biology Liposomes Lumen in Vitro Final Concentrations Lab Report

You form liposomes in vitro that contain transporters and channels. Then you add the following mixture of solutes to the outside of the liposomes (inside of liposome is water):

– 0.1mM alanine

– 1mM CaCl2

– 100mM NaCl

– 1µM testosterone

– 1mM ATP

Which type of channels/transporters need to be present in the liposome to cause import of the solutes into the lumen of the liposome, reaching the final concentrations of (final concentrations of the solutes in the liposome lumen):

– 1mM alanine

– 0.01mM Ca2+

– 1mM Na+

– 100mM Cl-

– 1µM testosterone

– 1mM ATP

Describe for each solute how it is transported across the liposome membrane (what type of transporters or channels or something else) and the mechanism how the final concentration was achieved. Make sure that all these transporters/channels functioning together in the liposome make sense (they don’t “fight” each other). Make sure you consider the electrochemical gradient.

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