cdc zombie case study

In this scenario, the usually staid Centers for Disease Control used humor very effectively to communicate emergency preparedness. They targeted a younger audience and the numbers showed that — in many ways, the campaign was very effective.

For the purpose of this assignment, please discuss these three points, using supporting sources as necessary:

  1. What were the dangers and potential complications of addressing a serious issue in this way?
  2. Even though visibility was high, does that always equate to effectiveness? How would you relate the two concepts in this situation?
  3. Name another campaign (advertising or public service) where you believe a different approach (humor, fear, etc.) might have been effective. Explain why.

Your paper should be 750-1,000 words, 12-pt. text, Arial or Times New Roman font (or something very similar). Papers that greatly exceed this length will lose points! It is important to write carefully and concisely. Citations and references MUST be in APA style, but you do not need to include a cover page and abstract. All papers must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents!

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