case study:please only bid if you have access to the book: Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 9th or 10th edition

BIO110 Case Studies

Directions: answer all question in full complete sentences, watch for grammar.

-Using your book Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology by Martini, answer the following case studies using mainly the book as a reference. It is permitted to use other reputable resources to aid you in answering these case studies. If you use other resources, do please reference them at the end of the document.

-Your assignment will be TYPED (word processed), double spaced, standard margins, Times (New Roman), font size 12. Please use correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraph structure. Monosyllabic responses will not suffice to fulfil the requirements of this assignment.

  • Ms. Gray, a 50-year-old mother of seven children, is complaining of dull, aching pain in her legs, which she reports have been getting progressively worse since the birth of her last child. During her physical examination, numerous varicosities are seen in both legs.
    • How are varicosities recognized?
    • What veins are most likely involved: deep or superficial? Why?
    • What pathological changes have occurred in these veins?
    • What is the most likely causative factor in this patient’s case?

2) Michael was brought into the ER suffering from a gunshot wound. He is bleeding profusely and exhibits the following: systolic blood pressure is 40 mmHg; weak pulse of 200 beats per minute; cool, pale, and clammy skin. Michael is not producing urine but he is asking for water. He is confused and disoriented. What is his diagnosis and what, specifically, is causing these symptoms? Describe two mechanisms triggered in Michael’s body to bring him back to homeostasis.

3) Joe hyperventilates for several minutes before diving into a swimming pool. After he enters and begins swimming underwater, he blacks out and almost drowns. What caused this to happen?

4) Joe, a professional athlete, decided to increase his chances of winning the Olympics by enhancing his blood oxygen carrying capacity. He decided to illegally obtain EPO and inject it subcutaneously for several months before the competition. Few days before the race, Joe suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed from his left side of the body.

a. What is the name of the process by which the carrying capacity of oxygen in the blood is enhanced? Why is this process illegal?

b. What is the rationale for the EPO injections?

b. Why did Joe suffer a stroke? Name other two possible outcomes in the cardiovascular system from EPO injections.

c. What can you say regarding Joe’s blood vessel’s resistance to blood flow and his blood pressure? Give a reasonable explanation to your answer.

5) Karen has recently been on broad-spectrum antibiotics for a recurrent urinary bladder infection. While slicing vegetables, she cut herself and had difficulty stopping the bleeding. How could the antibiotics have played a role in her bleeding?

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