career and lifestyle planning 5

  • Access your MyCounselingLab account to view video clip titled “The Use of Metaphor” (11:15):
    • Click Sign In button and sign in with your user name and password
    • Click the rectangle CHS 417: Career and Lifestyle Planning to start your work.
    • Under Course Home (left panel), click “Video Resources.”
    • Click Video Library (left panel).
    • Click Video Library (main frame).
    • Click Career Counseling (left panel).
    • Click “Videos 15.”
    • (The upper gray colored task bar allows you the view the videos by Picture or List.)
    • Double click the following video clip: “The Use of Metaphor”(11:15)


  • In the video clip right away, the career counselor utilized a metaphor applying the radius an umbrella covers to the vast possibilities of a career for the client “investigating people and information”. He then proceeded to give the client the marker and encouraged her to further engaged in the metaphor as it pertained to other possible career paths involving investigative characteristic. This method appaired to be effective in that it got the client engaged and interested very early on in the session. The tangible manner of not just talking but writing out/brain storming ideas under the drawn-out umbrella and interpreting these ideas could be an advantage when utilizing metaphors. Instead of simply looking at numerical data/results after completing a multiple-choice assessment, using a simple metaphor in the video clip allowed the client to be more aware and come to these conclusions of her strengths on her own accord. In this way the client didn’t question or doubt herself because she came to the conclusion of her abilities to obtain a career out of the multiple career possibilities she had listed “hanging under the umbrella”. During the session as the client listed more possibilities “hanging under the umbrella” she appeared exciting and looked at utilization of the metaphor and the idea of pursuing a career involving “investigating people and information” as sounding fun, and she in no way appeared overwhelmed at the idea. This is important and could be considered an advantage because in the client’s case she was looking at a career change and going about that in general can be overwhelming, however the metaphor and writing things out took that overwhelming factor away. A disadvantage to utilizing the metaphor is that depending on the client and the relationship or level of comfort at and communication the councilor has established with the client the use of a metaphor could cause the client to withdraw from the activity. In the video clip for a brief moment the client becomes unsure and even states “I don’t know” a few times when asked to draw or talk about what her career path would look like. The councilor was able to use her joke of comparing her career path to the yellow brick road and the characteristics seen in the characters of the wizard of Oz in a very creative manner. However, not all sessions could go in that same manner when utilizing a metaphor in a career counselling session. Another disadvantage in using a metaphor during a career counselling session could be the insight the client has is up for interpretation. If the client for example is a teen or young adult that is pressured by their family to be a doctor the client may have it stuck in their head to be a doctor and the brain storming and metaphor could support a career path the client really didn’t want to be in to start with. Other assessments such as the O*Net may ask a few questions about the medical felid but with all the other types of general questions it asks the client can’t (not completely anyways) answer the questions in a manner that will only have doctor as an available career options. Thus, as interactive as the metaphor method is the better idea perhaps would be to combine a more structured assessment such as the O*Net test followed by the incorporation of the metaphor into a follow up career counselling session.
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