Capella University Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations DQ

Read Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations by Carroll, R. )2009 Chapter 6 Early Warning Systems for the Identification of Organization Risks pages 181-215. Pay attention to the safeguards and ways to determine how health care organizations may be at risk for compliance problems or poor patient outcomes. Consider how paying attention before a problem occurs may be the wises method for creating organizational readiness and compliance plans.

Internet site:

The Department of Health and Human Service’s 2009 OIG Work Plan. You will use content from this reading to complete the discussion question in the unit.

The United States Government Accountability Office’s Health Information Technology: HHS Taking Steps to Develop a National Strategy. ile://c://users/HP/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/netCohe/IE/30ARXLCJ/do5628.pdf

1. The OIG Work Plan: Fraud Focus

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) develops a yearly work plan. This work plan outlines the many different areas that the OIG will focus on for fraud issues in the next year. A link to the 2009 OIG Work Plan has been provided in this unit’s study. This is a lengthy document–It is 115 pages long. Please be patient while it loads. You will need to use this document as the source for this discussion thread.

Review the 2009 OIG Work Plan. Select one topic area within the work plan. As the risk manager responsible for this area, discuss what you would do to ensure that your facility is in compliance.

Begin your post with an introduction of the specific area and the OIG’s concern. Delineate the steps that you will take to ensure that your facility is in full compliance with this area. This post should be 250 to 300 words in length.

2. Early Warning Systems in Risk Management

Chapter 6 of the Carroll (2009) textbook includes discussions on early warning systems that should be used to minimize risk. The chapter focuses on national organizations along with various state laws and examples of how such systems have impacted and reduced risk for many different health care organizations.

Investigate early warning systems in risk management. Pick a specific health care organization type (for example, hospital, emergency department, physician’s office, laboratory, dental office, health plan, et cetera). Describe at least two elements that would be needed for an effective early warning system for this specific health care organization.

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