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Cancer Screening Directions Review the clinician provider guidelines and recommendations found at:… Imagine you are working in a clinic and need to screen a patient for one of the types of cancer listed below. While this is a preventative measure, it also can be a diagnostic tool for finding cancer.

● Prostate Cancer ● Breast Cancer ● Cervical Cancer

Please select one screening methodology to rule out cancer. Your screening choice must come from the National Clearinghouse guidelines. Youwill need to provide evidence for each of the guidelines for your selection and apply it to a specific population.

This paper should not exceed 2-3pages, excluding yourtitle page, and references. This paper should adhere to appropriate 6th edition APA format.


Type of cancer and screening methodology is clearly defined.


National Clearinghouse guidelines are identified and are relevant to the screening methodology.


Provides appropriate literature support, derived from nursing scholarly journals and other social science literature, as evidence for their chosen screening. Discussion demonstrates critical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the chosen screening methodology.


Provides 4 or more scholarly sources for literature support.


Methodology is properly applied to a specific population.


“Text, title page, and references page are consistent with APA format.

Ideas and information from other sources are cited correctly.

Rules of grammar, word usage, and punctuation are followed.

Assignment is spellchecked and proofread.

Overall style is demonstrates excellent consistency with that expected of formal, professional work.”



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