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Unit 3 Writing Assignment Options

Option 1 Hobbes argued that without a social contract we would exist in a barbaric state of nature. Imagine you have the opportunity to start your own society. What rules would you include in your social contract. Why? You should include an overview of Social Contract Theory in your response.

Option 2 The Student Dilemma

Plot/Background: You are a teacher at a local high school. A star athlete you have known since she was a freshman is now in one of your senior classes. She is a well–behaved student who attends every class, always does her homework, and has sought out tutoring for the complex subject you teach. However, she still struggles with the material in the course. You are preparing your grades and realize she has fallen below a C for this six weeks. If she has a D on her Report Card, the coach will put her on probation and suspend her from the team until the next report card shows improvement. Because you have recently written a letter of recommendation for a scholarship for this student, you know she has been raised by a single parent and is relying on the possibility of athletic scholarships to attend college.

Question: Using what you know about deontology, should you raise the student’s grade to a C? Be sure to illustrate a thorough knowledge of Deontology in your essay, as that will be a significant part of your grade.

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