c ruth mostern in her essay china s age of seafaring demystifying china explains the harm that gavin menzies has done to the developing area of china s maritime history she also provides an historical overview of chinese seafaring geoff wade corr

General Instructions: 1. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PAPER ON SAFE ASSIGN (UNDER Bb ASSIGNMENTS) OR LOSE 20% from your course grade AND ALSO provide a hard copy in class. 2. Minimum 1,000 words – maximum 1,200 words. 3. You MUST HAVE citation references for your examples and sources, including page numbers. You will be penalized for not accurately including them in your paper. At least one for each paragraph. Use parenthetical reference style: (author, page number) OR (lecture title, date) 4. Max. 12-point font, 1-inch margins, max. Double-spaced, left alignment only. DO NOT ALIGN CENTER 5. You must have an introduction with a thesis and a conclusion. The conclusion will summarize your key ideas and explain the overall point of your paper. Topic sentences for each paragraph needed. 6. Answer ALL the questions from the topic carefully. 7. Explanation and analysis from lectures and suggested reading ONLY (no credit for outside sources). USE ATTACHED ARTICLE OR DEMYSTYFING CHINA BOOK FOR REFERENCES!!

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