business communications 4

Please answer these 3 questions:

Question 1: When should you use of active voice and when should you use passive voice? Write an example of each one being used correctly.

Question 2: Now that we have examples and know the difference between passive and active voice. Let’s put this knowledge to work. Pick one of the below sentences, create a new sentence using an action verb.

  1. It is expected that our competition will be taken by surprise by the new ad campaign.
  2. It is believed by the typical union member that his or her welfare is not considered to be important by management.
  3. There is interest among our customers in a less-expensive version.
  4. The notes taken by the secretary will be posted on the website.
  5. The union was represented by Cecil Chambers.
  6. These reports are prepared by the salespeople every Friday.
  7. If more information is needed, the customer service department can be contacted.
  8. There are many obligations that we must meet.

Question 3: In what, business communication situations, is using the ‘you-viewpoint’ appropriate

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