Brisbane State High Operations Beverage Service Paper

Deliverable length: 1–2 pages

Course Objective(s):

  • Describe bar service
  • Recall adult beverage recipes

Library Research Assignment

Throughout history, alcoholic beverages play an important role in most cultures. People drank for many good reasons, such as food and health, worship and celebration, pleasure and fellowship, wisdom and truth. As civilization developed, the inns, alehouses, and taverns were central to the growth of towns, travel, and the communication of ideas.

For this assignment research the history of alcohol.

  • Discuss some of the most important uses of alcohol in ancient civilizations.
  • Discuss how the importance has changed over the centuries.
  • Identify why some cultures associated alcohol use with wisdom and how has alcohol been used as currency in past centuries.
  • Discuss the reasoning behind Prohibition. Name one positive and one negative aspect (effect) of Prohibition.
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