Brief the FOUR topics below and select ONE that inspires you most, health and medicine homework help

Brief the FOUR topics below and select ONE that inspires you most !

Create an initial post for your team by selecting to address just ONE of the four topics below.

Title your post with the topic theme, e.g., learning theories.

Incorporate at least ONE reference beyond the text, listed as a APA citation.

Aim to do an initial post on a topic that has not been presented already – the goal is for variety here !

Now, here are the topics, you will CHOOSE ONE:

There are several schools of learning theories. Major examples of these theories are behaviorism, gestalt, social cognitive, humanism, andragogy, transformative learning, and multiple intelligences. Describe one of the theories that has most meaning/applicability to you and why. (150-250 words, one reference)

Describe the three learning domains utilizing the Bloom’s taxonomy (1-2 sentences). Provide an example of designing a patient health ed. experience might use ONE of those domains OR an example of one of the domains in action !

Kearney-Nunnery reports that there are specific characteristics for learning; there is a step-by-step acquisition process when learning really works, starting with perception of new information. Describe the characteristics of learning.

Mezirow describes transformative learning theory with three dimensions. You may have actually seen this theory applied for teaching groups of newly diagnosed diabetics. Summarize how transformative learning principles might be used in healthcare settings. A compelling supportive reference is provided here: Phillipi, J. (2010). Transformative learning in healthcare. PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning, 19, p. 39-51.

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