brief of supply chain management case 1

Case Review Template:

  • What are the key managerial issues to address (choose the role (i.e. manager, VP, President, etc. based on guidance from the case study)
  • What is your specific recommendation (i.e. not the range of options – choose one)
  • Highlight the benefits to your recommendation(s)
  • Articulate any inherent risks associated with your recommendation) note: This is intended to address risks associated with your recommendation – not general risks that impact the business.

does NOT begin with an introduction, background, or summary of what is going on in the case and write-ups should not include those sections.Rather, assume that the audience and instructor are familiar with the facts of the case, so follow the Case Review Template above.Grading of the work will be limited to the four aspects outlined in this template.

write should follow the case template the questions on case can be an inspiration.

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