branding audit

Project 2: Conducting a Brand Audit

After reviewing the Slate Inc. case file and the branding elements, do the following:

A. Research Slate Inc.’s biggest two competitors:

Visit the websites of Slate’s two biggest competitors and review both scholarly and reliable nonscholarly sources to explore their branding decisions. Your research of the two companies should focus on the branding elements discussed in the previous step.

Deliverable: By the end of Week 3 (WEDNESDAY 1/22/2020), provide a reference list derived from your research that has a minimum of two scholarly and eight reliable, nonscholarly sources (10 in all; at least!).

Refer to the Project instructions for full details.

Project 2: Conducting a brand audit

Part B. Complete Your Brand Analysis Report:

Deliverable: Based on your research of the two companies’ brands, write an eight-page report (four pages on each company) that addresses the eight branding elements mentioned in Project II instructions. In addition, as you examine these branding elements, your report should also answer the following questions:

1. How strong are the companies’ brands in the market?

2. What are the factors contributing to their strengths and weaknesses?

3. How are these two brands competing against each other? How strong is their global performance?

4. How do consumers perceive their brands?

5. Are there any sub-brands? Are there any brand extensions?

Your report should contain a one-page executive summary that highlights the most important findings of your analysis. Also include a one-page table in an appendix that compares the two brands. Be sure to include headings and subheadings to improve the paper’s readability.

Support your work with course readings, scholarly sources, and reliable nonscholarly sources. All sources have to be cited using APA formatting, both within the text and in the reference list.

Refer to the Project instructions for full details.

Incorporate feedback. Consult with your faculty member as required.

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