Biostatistics Concepts Unit IV Essay

Research Paper

In this assignment, you will write a paper based on Units I – IV. It is important that we establish a solid foundation related to our knowledge and understanding of biostatics. The purpose of this paper is to reinforce comprehension of the core methods. Write a five to six page APA formatted paper not including the title page and reference page. Please use a minimum of five APA formatted references. Incorporate your approved topic, outline, and references from your Unit I Assignment into this research paper.

Be sure to include the following within your paper:

 Based on your readings and understanding of statistics, identify key activities and terminology related to biostatistics in public health and medical research.  How have you applied biological statistical procedures related to your course units? Please list specific examples and be sure to cite accordingly.  List examples of how you have computed and interpreted the measures to compare the extent of a disease.  Give specific data that has been used within a sample. How do we ensure the validity of this data?  What methods have you used to compute and interpret probability for biostatical analysis? Please discuss.  How have you proposed solutions to public health problems based on biostatistical methods?  Give examples of how you would define point estimate, standard error, confidence level, and margin of error.  How would you compare and contrast standard error and margin of error?

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

APA Guidelines

The application of the APA writing style shall be practical, functional, and appropriate to each academic level, with the primary purpose being the documentation (citation) of sources. CSU requires that students use APA style for certain papers and projects. Students should always carefully read and follow assignment directions and review the associated

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