Biology Essay

Objective: Demonstrate a complete understanding of the structure of DNA, its role, how it accomplishes its job, how errors in the DNA happen, and what the consequences of those errors might be.

Your job is to choose a physical trait that you exhibit or have an interest in learning more about.Remember a ‘physical trait’ doesn’t necessarily need to have an outward appearance.An example of this is red/green colorblindness. Explain this trait’s existence: what is the trait’s inheritance pattern?Is it a dominant or recessive trait?Does this trait follow simple Mendelian rules of inheritance or is it a sex-linked trait, a polygenic trait, or exhibit incomplete dominance or codominance.Discuss whether the trait will be passed on to your child. What would be the possible cause(s) and consequence(s) of a mutation in the gene(s) that code for this trait? This explanation should be in one of the following forms:

1.a minimum 500 word essay,

2.a 2-3 page brochure,

3.a multipage, multimedia website, or

some other format that you feel adequately covers all the project requirements, and that can be submitted using the tools available to you.

DO NOT just fill in the outline. You are expected to create a project using the outline.

Resources: should include information from your course syllabus, your text: Glencoe Biology Chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13 (and any assignments from those chapters), technical vocabulary from the course, and other resources that you can locate on your own (these should be listed in your paper). The paper should be written as if to inform someone who has no knowledge of this subject. Feel free to include drawings or illustrations to make your point.

Project Outline:

  • DESCRIBE the trait (5 pts) and its heritability pattern (5 pts).
  • EXPLAIN the role of DNA in causing you to have this trait.

A. From where did you get the DNA?

1. Describe the production of the gametes from which you developed.You are describing how they are produced.The naming of this process is not sufficient here.You must describe this process.(5 pts)

2.How does the DNA copy itself so that all of your cells have the same DNA sequences?(Hint! You may want to outline this in a step-wise manner.Don’t forget to discuss the leading and the lagging strand). (5 pts)

3.All cells in your body do not exhibit all of the traits you have, yet they all have the same DNA. Explain this. (5 pts)

B. HOW does the DNA cause the trait? (What does DNA tell the cell to do?)

1. Describe the process in which DNA sends the instructions out of the nucleus?Again, you are not just naming this process and its products. (5 pts)

2.Describe the process of protein synthesis. (5 pts)

III. PREDICT whether your child will have this trait.

  • How much of your genetic material is passed on to your child? (5 pts)
  • How could you pass a trait on to your child that you do not exhibit? (5 pts)

IV. DESCRIBE the consequences of a change in your DNA.

A. What type of environmental factors cause a change in DNA and what is this change in DNA called. In addition, please provide and explain at least 3 examples of mutation types (not the associated disorder). (Hint! See table 12.3 for examples) (5 pts).

B.What kind of change in DNA would affect you? (Hint!Think about this on a cellular level) (5 pts)

C.What kind of change in DNA would affect your child? (Hint!Think about this on a cellular level) (5 pts)

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