Biology Discussion Question

Can someone help me with the below question:

A group of 10 overweight patients have increased levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Based on this limited information and using the scientific method:

I. Develop a question followed by a hypothesis.

II. Design a brief experiment to test your hypothesis (make sure to indicate a control) and describe predicted results.

III. Be sure to include 2 references that describes where you obtained the information you present in your primary post.


  • I. Develop a question followed by a hypothesis. 
    • Is there a direct correlation between DL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol  and being overweight in patients? 
    • Hypothesis: The more overweight the person the higher his/her DL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. 
  • II. Design a brief experiment to test your hypothesis (make sure to indicate a control) and describe predicted results.
    • In order to test the hypothesis, there would need to be a sample of the population be taken that is representative of the different ethnic and  socio-economic backgrounds. Part of the sample about 25 percent would need to be of average range. The rest would be of the overweight range. The sample would then be split between men and women. Measurements will then be taken of the different person’s weight and DL cholesterol. The measurements will be analyzed through linear regression to see if there is a relation between the two. Although this kind of experiment will give measurable  quantities about the two different factor’s relation, there are already some data available in literature about their relation. According to the available data, there is a direct relation between the two- the more overweight the person is; the higher the chances the person would have higher DL cholesterol. 


Bellows, L; Moore, R (2012). Dietary Fat and  Cholesterol.Colorado State University.Retrieved from

American Heart Association (2014) Good vs Bad Cholesterol. Retrieved from:

***Please write it in a similar format as above with original work. Thanks

Additional Reference Material: The Scientific Method Tutorial.docx

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