Biology discussion board on Biotechnology, homework help

Watch the following two short films that utilize biotechnology.  While you are watching the short film- take notes. 

  • The first video is called: “Got Silk” (it is located on the VCU Secret of the sequence series- go to the site, select biotechnology, then select the first film under biomimicry “Got Silk”

After you watch the films- 

1. Write a brief summary (one to two paragraphs) discussing what you learned.  (5 points)

2. Now research how biotechnology can be used in solving real-world problems like food shortage, increasing nutrients in foods, enhancing the quality or quantity of food.  You can look at any other topic like gene repair, cloning, treating disease, etc… Write one paragraph on your research and properly site your source. (5 points)

3. An area of concern among the public are GMO’s but: “Do you really know and understand what GMOs are?”  Make an informed decision on GMOs and support it with scientific research.  You must support your point with primary literature and cite your source. (5 points).

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