Bioethics: Some scholars have proposed that prisoners ought..

1.) Some scholars have proposed that prisoners ought to be targeted as research subjects for human clinical trials. What problems(s) is this proposal meant to address? Additionally, provide one well-reasoned argument in support of, and against, this proposal.

2.) The above question has to be answered in a minimum of 750 word.

3.) Here is a link to all of the semester lecture slides/required readings throughout the semester:…

4.) Lastly, there is no format needed (e.g. MLA, APA, etc.) all you have to do is answer the question with the link I gave you above. There can be no outside resource or references. Only material from the class.

*Just a reminder– The format is: single spaced, no format needed (e.g. MLA, APA, etc.), there is no need for an introduction, conclusion, etc, answer the entire question’s questions that are in it., when answering the question please use critical thinking and analysis on the basis of ethics and biology that are provided in the link that has all of the lectures/required reading to answer the full question, no outside sources (if you are confused or do not know what something is in the lecture/required reading, you can look it up on the internet just don’t add it to the question), and the minimum word count is 750 words. Sorry for repeating myself. I know I already said most of what I just stated, but I am just trying to be as clear and helpful as possible. Thank you so much for the help, again!

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