Based on the changing roles of CIOs, health and medicine homework help

  1. Navigate to the threaded discussion below and respond to the following discussion questions:
  2. Based on the changing roles of CIOs, do you agree or disagree with Schwartz (2005) that the role of the CIO will disappear? Defend your position with a response that demonstrates critical thinking and an understanding of the course materials.
  3. Differentiate the roles and functions and the average salary of a CIO from those of other HIT personnel. Are the roles complements or substitutes? Can you justify the difference (pg. 111, Glandon, G.L., Smaltz, D.H., D.J. Slovensky, 2014)?
    1. If you agree that the role of the CIO will disappear, post your response before the end of the fourth day of the workshop.
    2. If you disagree, post your response after the fourth day and before the end of the workshop.

250 words pls

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