atomic number and the perodic law

1 which of the following characteristic were not included in dimitri meneleev’s perodic table?

heavier elements placed in rows closer to the bottom of the table

elements arranged by increasing atomic mass

elements placed in columms based on chemical properties

distrubution of elements determined by electron configuation

2 what is the primarty atomic characteristic that mendeleev used to organize the perodic table?

the date an element was dicovered

the number of neutrons in the nucleus

atomic number

atomic mass

3 mendeleev left several blank spaces in his orginal periodic table what did those spaces represent

elements that did not fit into his pattern

elements with unknown physical properties

elements that had not yet be dicovered

elements with variable atomic masses

4 according to the perodic law what is the relationship between elements and periods

element properties repeat from period to period

elements have the same physical and chemical properties in any period

elements in a period have the same chemical properties

elements in a period have the same physical properties

5 which of these sets of elements has similar properties   cocnsult periodic table

chromium, magnesium,iron, colbalt

hydrogen, helium, neon

strontium, magnesium, calcium berylium

oxygen, nitrigen, carbon

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