assignment metrics 1


Analyzing workflows and re-designing processes is very interesting work, but it is work that is performed to achieve some benefit or goal. Often these benefits are financial or productivity related, other times these benefits are quality related. In order to quantify these benefits, metrics must be identified and measured for the ‘as-is’ or current process and again for the ‘to-be’ or re-designed process. One can then compare and quantify the benefits of analyzing and re-working processes.


  1. Research the use of metrics or measurements in the area of workflow analysis & re-design in healthcare as found in at least 3 sources in the professional literature.
  2. Using what you learn through research, write a 3-5 page double-spaced paper that:
  • identifies and analyzes metrics used in healthcare processes in general, and
  • identifies appropriate metrics for your specific As-Is and To-Be processes that you’ve used in previous assignments this semester.

In summary, you will develop and submit a 3-5 page double spaced paper discussing metrics used in healthcare process re-design in general as well as the metrics you could use in your own specifically identified processes used throughout the semester in this course.

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