Assignment #2 Therapeutic Diet Experience

Assignment #2: Personal Therapeutic Diet Experience
This assignment simulates the experience of what it is like to have to follow a therapeutic diet. The purpose of this assignment is to develop empathy for people who have to follow special diets.

I will email you a disease or a health issue (that is Gall Bladder Disease)

Once you receive your disease, research the disease and its dietary recommendations. Follow the diet for this disease for 3 days. At least 1 of these days needs to fall on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). For this assignment, complete a personal 3-day food diary using the My Fitness Pal website and/or app ( Also include any exercise you do during these 3 days in your online log. Submit your log to me using one of the methods outlined above. After you have finished logging your food and activity level, reflect upon the experience and answer the questions in the template for this assignment. Points will be awarded for how well you complete your diaries and answer the reflection questions – I will not be grading you on how healthy you eat, so please be honest when completing your diary. The more honest you are, the more helpful this assignment will be for you.( I uplaud them 3 days reports for Feb 9,10,11, 2017)

and I uploud paper instrction that is 3 qusetions each answer in one paraagraph.

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