Assigment Cultural Health Disparties Research-Base Paper Looking for Robert F Only”

This assignment provides an opportunity to reflect on, analyze, and write about group differences and health disparities. You paper need to include internal or external in how locus of control plays part and paper will need a cover page, a table of contents, body of the paper, and a reference page. Length: the paper should be at least seven to nine double-spaced pages excluding cover page, table of contents, and reference page. References: list all references used. At a minimum, you are required to identify and use at least three sources in addition to your textbooks.


Pérez, M. A., Luquis, R. R. (2008). Cultural competence in health education and health promotion. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

** I have started this assignment. I need this paper to include all of my outline from unit 2 outline.I will attach once accepted.

Textbook authors Pérez and Luquis (p. 24) suggest, “[t]he reasons why we observe these disparities are not clearly understood and may be due to other factors as individual choices, differences in disease processes, or systemic barriers to care, or to any combination of these factors.”

Imagine that you have been asked by the regional director of health care services to select and evaluate ethnic group diseases and illnesses, disparities, behaviors, and probable causes.

Your research-based assignment is to identify and discuss health care disparities and wellness issues for a particular cultural group:

Select a population (Savannah, GA area) for which there is evidence of health care disparities. For this population:

Identify and describe two diseases with high incidence for the cultural (ethnic or racial) group. * I chose Diabetes and cancer

oDescribe how the group is being affected.

oWhat strategies are currently being employed or considered to increase wellness?

oWhat additional considerations do you think might be useful?

Identify and discuss two specific disparities for the racial or ethnic group under consideration ( I chose Hispanic and American Indian culture). Provide specific examples, and identify salient factors (such as socioeconomic status).

Identify and evaluate both group’s beliefs, values, and traditions related to quality health, disparities, and wellness.

Based on analysis of your cultural group, formulate assumptions (hypotheses) about locus of control (internal versus external) in a specific cultural group’s health, wellness, and disease. The research must focus on your selected cultural group.

Reflect on what you have found. Provide any insights, conclusions, or recommendations that you have arrived at from your research and analysis.

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