assessment instruments

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review Chapter 6 in the course text, focusing on the various assessments overviewed—both assessments developed to support theories and assessments by type.

Make a list of several (4–6) assessment instruments that you think might be most useful in your work setting and with your client population. Include at least one from each of the categories of assessments.

Select two assessment instruments to write about in the Discussion, two that you believe would be most useful for you in your situation.

Think about the assessment instruments you selected and compare the strengths of each, and why you believe they would be useful.

Review the information on pp. 188–189 in the course text on assessing special populations.

Review the APA Web site on fair testing practices, focusing on the user column:

Think about why it is important to be aware of issues involved in testing special populations.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the two assessment instruments you selected, followed by why you think they would be most useful in your situation. Include in your post the strengths of the assessments. Then explain why you believe it is important to be aware of the issues involved in testing special populations. (Put the name of the assessments you selected in the subject line of your post.)




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