Arizona State University Spiders Mini Research Paper

These “mini” research paper requirements are designed to give you an appreciation for our natural world and to help you develop your writing skills. You should have some type of an introductory paragraph, the main body of the paper, and a short summary or conclusion (the conclusion should not just mimic the introduction). The introductory paragraph should just briefly introduce the subject and list the main topics you will discuss in the body of the paper. You should not go into detail in the introductory paragraph. You should discuss things such as habitat, range, reproduction, special adaptations and ecological significance (importance). The conclusion paragraph should just briefly summarize the important parts of the paper and bring the paper to an obvious close. You should not introduce any new material in the conclusion. You should use at least 3 references for any paper. For the first paper, pick from one of the topics given below.

Papers will be graded on content, style and grammar.


MLA style

~4 pages of text (5 maximum)
submit in microsoft word
use #12 font size
list source of material at end of paper (if internet – list web address, if from magazine – list it, etc.)


Monarch Butterfly

Acid rain


Water Quality

Box Turtles

Fireflies (lightening bugs)



Birds of Prey (Raptors)

River Otter







Ladybird Beetles (ladybugs)


Largemouth Bass

Canada Geese

Owls (can pick a specific owl if you want)

Oak Trees

Honey Bees


Wildlife Management (can pick a specific part of wildlife management- for ex

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