Apply the scientific method by designing an experiment, assignment help

SCENARIO: As you probably know most plants need CO2 (carbon dioxide) ; H2O (water); minerals such as N (nitrogen), K (potassium), P (phosphorus); and light for growth, among others things. As a biologist, you are assigned to carry out a research project on the growth of Bean Plants. Use your knowledge of the scientific method (discussed week 1) and review components of simple experimentation to design a research project by completing the following format (answer the items below). Please keep in mind that: 1) you are designing an experiment to test the effect of only one environmental variable (from those mentioned above), and 2) you have about 30 bean plants, each growing in separate pots, to work with.

Based on the above scenario (do not change the scenario), design an experiment by answering the following items:

1. What is your Question (write a clear question for your project)?

2. What is the Hypothesis (formulate a testable hypothesis)?

3. What do you Predict about the results of your experiment if the hypothesis is accepted by evidence?

4. What is the Dependent Variable (this is synonymous to Responding Variable. It is the result of your experiment)?

5. What is the Independent Variable (this factor should be manipulated in your experiment – e.g. low, medium, and high levels)?

6. What are the Controlled variables in your experiment (these factors must be kept constant in your experiment)?

7. Explain the Experimental Groups in your experiment (plants or groups that are treated with different levels of one independent variable):

8. Explain the Control Group in your experiment (plants or a group of plants that is not treated with the independent variable – it is just growing under natural/normal conditions).

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