Antropology Test 1 Study guide questions

Remember to explain each aspect of the question and include examples.

1.What is culture? How do anthropologists go about defining and studying it?

2.What are the ethical obligations of archaeologists and physical anthropologists working in foreign countries? In what situations can complicated conflicts of interest arise?

3.What are the two ways in which archaeologists collect information in the field? What kinds of information does each technique collect? What are the limitations of each technique?

4.How do researchers date the past? What are the limitations of each dating technique?

5.How is evolution defined by population geneticists? What are the major mechanisms of genetic evolution?

6.Why is the difference between microevolution and macroevolution hard to distinguish?

7.What is the difference between phenotypic adaptation and genetic adaptation? What role does each play in human evolution?

8.Explain in some detail the four subfields of general or “four-field” anthropology.(Make sure you explain each. Do not give me a list.)

9.Describe the characteristics of biological and physical anthropology.

10.Please list and explain at least three (3) traits we as humans share with other

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