Anthem Institute North Energy Conversion Processes Discussion Questions

Q1.1Hierarchical organization and chemical complexity can be exemplified by the Saguaro desert as the ecosystem. Provide an example for each of the other six hierarchies leading up to this ecosystem.

Energy Conversion Processes

Q1.2The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that all spontaneous processes in the universe tend toward the dispersal of energy in the absence of energy input, which leads to death for a living organism. What are the two sources of energy for an autotroph over a 24 hour period and what are the chemical processes involved in each?

Structure and Function of Water

Q1.3Planetary scientists are searching for planets with water because it will support our chemical life. Name three properties that make H2O uniquely critical to life on Earth.

Biological Membranes

Q1.4Flippases are enzymes that catalyze the flip-flop movement of phospholipids in a membrane bilayer. What property of membranes contributes to the energy barrier that flippases lower in order to increase the rate of phospholipid flipping?

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