Answer these questions

Hi brother

These questions from Health Education course.

I want you to answer these questions

Answer Chapter 2 and 3 questions from the text. Answer all parts of the questions completely.

Chapter 2:

1. What are some key links between the environment and behavior in terms of the problem of obesity?

2. Would it be fair to say that obesity is a problem resulting just from individual choice in terms of behavior?

3. What kinds of factors may influence youth to engage in violence?

4. What are consistent patterns of behavioral risk for HIV/AIDS around the globe? How do you think these patterns are influenced by the larger social or economic context?

5. Where would you focus your efforts to address behaviors related to obesity? Youth violence? HIV/AIDS?

Chapter 3

1. Define theory. Why is a theory like a story?

2. The term theory as we know it takes its meaning from a Western tradition of philosophy and science that has four main tenets. What are they?

3. What are the ‘schools of thought’ in psychology that contributed to modern behavioral theory?

4. What are some contributions from the social sciences- sociology and anthropology- on modern behavioral theory?

5. Why, as public health practitioners, is it important for us to understand the concepts of social psychology? Anthropology?

6. How has the study of natural systems contributed an important concept of modern behavioral theory in public health?

7. Why is it important to develop health promotion programs in the context of an ecological model?

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