Answer the questions below base on the provideing reading ?

The readings :… from page (85- 105) ,… (1,6 only)

  1. Explain what characteristic of the water molecules allows it to dissolve ionic compounds (salts).
  2. What is the average salinity of Earth’s ocean (in ppt)? What does parts per thousand (ppt) mean in terms of how much salt is present in 1 liter of seawater?
  3. Describe what happens to the density of water: a)when pure water freezes b)at 4oC c)when water vapor condenses to liquid. d)when salt is dissolved
  4. Explain how each of the following processes affects the salinity of seawater: a) Evaporation b) Precipitation c)Runoff from continents
  5. Compare the salinity of the Mediterranean Ocean to the Eastern North Pacific Ocean (e.g. offshore of SoCal beaches). a) Do they have different salinities? b) Is the amount of seasalt the same? c)How do the proportions of major ions compare?
    • Contrast dissolved substances to particles in a solution (seawater)
    • List the major dissolved ions in seawater and explain the Law of Constant Proportions.
    • Identify the source(s) of dissolved substances to seawater
    • Describe how salinity is expressed
    • Identify the processes that affect the temperature and salinity of seawater. Explain how these processes affect salinity throughout the world ocean.
    • Explain how each process affects the density of seawater

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