answer the associated question following the posted rubric

Please pick ONE and ONLY ONE primary online source document and answer the associated question following the posted rubric on the course syllabus:

Option 1:

Primary Source: “History and Description of Africa” (Leo Africanus)

Primary Source Question: What important differences, if any, did Leo see between African and European society?

Option 2:

Textbook: Chapter 15

Primary Source: Excerpts from the “Ninety-Five Theses” of Martin Luther

Question: What are the “indulgences” with which Luther takes issue and why does Luther take issue with them? What is the purpose of this document and what were the consequences of Luther’s complaints?

Option 3:

Online Primary Source: Correspondence between Selim I of the Ottoman Empire to Ismail of the Safavid Empire (1514)

Question: What are the disagreements between the rulers of these two Muslim Empires? What might be the consequences of these disagreements?

Grading Criteria and Rubric. Make sure to do the following:

  • Answer the question associated with your chosen primary document in the first paragraph
  • Provide historical context for the document (events surrounding, social background)
  • Provide at least one specific in text citation from the document, e.g. (document title) in parenthesis– in the body of the essay
  • Provide organization in paragraphs, style and grammar.
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